Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sleeping in the village of Kamuli

We're really winding down in Kibaale now, putting the final touches on everything before we go and saying our goodbyes to good friends. It gets sad when you start planning out where you will be and with whom for the few weeks remaining! We had been trying to get to Kamuli town, about 45 minutes from Kibaale through the dirt roads, for weeks. This is the home of Samalie and Joseph, and they kindly invited us over to attend their church, see the project they are beginning (there are no lower level schools in Kamuli, and illiteracy is incredibly high, so they are going to start one) and spend a night sleeping at their place.

We've been here awhile now and slept in some interesting places, but we really enjoyed staying in Samalie and Joseph's house. They moved themselves into a neighbour's place and gave us the bed, and we went to sleep with the sounds of the village all around us. Quite different from Kibaale. Waking up was great and we were able to be part of a Ugandan morning watching goats be slaughtered for Sunday lunch, helping to cook cassava, taking care of the infinite number of small children running around the village, all while watching an amazing sunrise and idly chatting the minutes away until church. It was a great time.

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