Saturday, July 31, 2010

Yup, they survived.

It was Sean's turn to take on the Nile River's white water rapids this
month! We headed up to Jinja with 28 others to have some fun and Sean, along
with 5 others went for a little boat ride (well, it was a little bit more
than that. . . )


Jamie has been trying to get a women's football league started up. They had
their first practice last week, and I managed to catch a couple of action
shots of header balls. Jamie's outside playing with the Senior girls right
now! These pictures are of the teacher's first practice.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Obama & Karlmarx

Barrack Obama (this is a nickname for himself- his name is Trevor) and his brother, Karlmarx, were
just two of the many staff kids that came for a special staff kid's day.

We had two families visiting in Kibaale- Brad & Laurie and Dave & Laura's
family and they entertained the kids, read stories, played with the
parachute, coloured, made crafts and had a fun day. The kids had so much

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Omosota a la emeeza?

The snake in our house had an unfortunate run in with death. Sean took our coffee table and smashed it over the snake and then proceeded to stand on the back of the table and squish it back and forth. It was a bloody mess. But, I do like this outcome better than the other way around. This was the first snake that found its way inside our place, and I hope it’s the last.



Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Students, Neighbours, Patients & Prisoners

There's something about seeing the neediest of needy students giving back to
the community. Three times a year, classes go out and minister to
surrounding areas through work projects, song and dance, testimonies, and
giving of basic necessity items. Last week I jumped in the truck with the
nursery and kindergarten students and went to 2 nearby schools. Lots of
schools don't even have school supplies and these students received new
notebooks and pencils!

In March I joined the Grade 7 students slashing grass, trimming dead leaves
off of plants and digging a pit for a latrine for a mentally ill community
lady. The lady was bitten by a snake leaving her hand paralyzed and her only
son, who is in Kindergarten class, has taken up the responsibility for
maintaining the home and surrounding areas. The compound needed a lot of
work and it was so great to see the Grade 7 students step up and help out.

Last November, I joined the Primary classes on their outreach to a hospital
and a Prison about an hour's drive away. The students prayed for the sick
patients, gave them gifts and had time to hold the newborn babies. At the
prison, the students did dramas, sang and danced, teachers shared their
testimonies and our Chaplin spoke to the prisoners. The prisoners were so
excited to receive a bowl, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Kalema Tom will be missed

Tom was the man for us in Kibaale. Owner of ‘Kalema Tom and Son’, supplier of sodas, informer of local news, general go-to guy for anything you needed, and always with a chuckle and a greeting. He passed suddenly this Saturday. His absence will be felt in Kibaale for a long time to come for sure, and we’ll all miss him. Pray for his family, particularly his son Richard who is a student at our school.