Friday, October 1, 2010

See you later Kibaale

Two years have come to an end and we must say goodbye to Kibaale. We are so grateful to have worked here, made such wonderful friends, and worked with such a great organization! We’ve had the eye-opening, humbling privilege to have those affected by our stay approach us day after day and tell us of the impact we’ve had in their lives, from teachers to children to the old guy with no teeth in the hut down the road. It’s been great to hear, and has been so encouraging to us on the way out… sometimes you can forget everything that happens from day to day, and hearing that those small things you did actually made a difference and made enough impact for someone to approach you and say ‘thank you’ has really helped us ease out of this place and begin to prepare for North America. It has been so good spending time with friends, finishing up with work and reflecting on our time here… we’re going to miss everyone so much.

If you’re wondering what we’ve been doing the past few weeks we can sum it up pretty easily – Matooke. Eating, and eating and eating matooke and these huge glamorous meals of local food. We have been constantly full, waking up moaning for literally weeks now! It’s hard to express our appreciation for that, watching the sacrifices made to send us off full and knowing we are loved.

Thanks to everyone back home for the constant support in prayer, with finances, with letters and phone calls and packages in the mail, for keeping in touch and letting us know we were missed, for understanding when we said we would not be coming home for a leave even when it was possible. We’ve made the most of our time here and have no regrets, but it couldn’t have been possible without those behind us. Thanks.

So what next? Well, we’ve written this in advance, so, as you’re reading this, we are hurtling through the air on our way to Egypt. For headspace sake (and, let’s be honest, what better opportunity will we ever have?) we will be backpacking our way up from Uganda to England over the course of 27 days. No computer, so this will be our last blog post. Maybe we’ll post some pictures of our travels when we get back into Canada on October 28th, but if not, consider this the final post as we begin our new life back in Canada.

Thanks again to everyone, for everything.

(We’ve attached some photos from the various goodbyes with people who mean a great deal to us)