Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kyalulangira and back. . . the long way round

Riding motorbikes is the perfect way to take in Uganda's true beauty and a
great way to spend a Saturday morning. We took off early in the morning,
filled up with fuel and took off on a road we've never travelled. Three
hours later we returned having ventured off the maram road and discovering
some of the most amazing scenery that's been just a few kilometers from
where we've been living this entire time! If only we had ventured that
direction sooner. A couple failed photo ops later and we rolled back into
Kibaale. Sean spent the rest of the day giving riding lessons to people of
various ages, and then riding down (and up) stairs with some small kids for
laughs. A good day.

Jamie will come back to Canada a dirt bike veteran, so watch out everyone :)

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