Monday, June 7, 2010

Tired of trash on your streets? Enjoy the idea of people being imprisoned for tossing plastic bags? Rwanda is for you!

We took Monica to Rwanda as a part of her trip. Really it was a great excuse to see the country as we had wanted to get in for awhile, so we were thankful Monica had made the plans to come and that she was so gung ho about seeing the place. So what can we say about Rwanda? Well the country is fantastic. Clean. Like… unbelievably clean. If you see Uganda and then see Rwanda back to back you just can’t believe your eyes. I swear there’s a clear demarcation from space, a great wall of trash piled up at the border where the sheer lack of it is enough to pop your eyes, and re-pop them on the way back across the border. The entire country apparently cleans up every morning and sweeps the streets. This is probably a pretty oppressive thing to live with daily, but it sure is nice for tourists.

We visited Kigali, the capital, which is in the centre of the country and were there from the border within 1.5 hours. Highlights for us included visiting the genocide memorial centre in Kigali, eating ice cream at the Bourbon Street Café, and visiting Hotel Rwanda. We only stayed one night, but it was enough and we had a good time. We were also able to meet up with a friend-of-a-friend living in Kigali who gave us a rundown of the city and helped us out. Thanks Linley :) Overall a great time, and if we get the chance we’ll someday head back to Rwanda and take in some of the rest of the country. Canadian citizens don’t have to pay for a VISA which is sweet!

Pics: Uganda in the morning mist, Kigali, Bourbon Street Café, The Memorial Centre torch (this place is unreal, and can’t be described… see it if you’re ever in East Africa), the most hilariously tiny and expensive room at Auberge le Caverne, Jamie and Sean in front of Hotel Rwanda

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