Friday, June 4, 2010

Safari in Uganda, with a boatride on the side

Next up for our trip with Monica was a safari in Uganda. We made the trip to Queen Elizabeth national park (which was something like 6 hours or so) and got ourselves set up in Bush Lodge where we had these sweet stilted canvas tents. The tents even had power, which was awesome, especially compared to places like Bushara island which have similar accommodations without the light.

Fun times were had, animals were seen, hippos marauded between our tents at night, and no one fell in the water on the boatride, which was excellent given the territorial hippo that gave chase when we got too close.

If you’re ever visiting Uganda, this is the park to go to. By far the best safari and overall experience we’ve had in the country. (We’ve also done Murchison Falls national park and Lake Mburu for safaris).

I think that Jamie and I can now officially call ourselves “safari’d out” which is a pretty cool thing.

And now… a bajillion pictures.

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