Thursday, June 3, 2010

... more Uganda Motocross

Backtracking a bit with this post here. Jamie and I originally went to the airport a day early, by accident, to get Monica. Woops. We made the best of it (sort of… not much went to plan that day) when we found out that there was the fourth race in the Uganda Motocross championship for 2010.

It’s definitely a better time attending an event like this with someone else. Jamie came along and had a great time and took all of these photos. She was my wingman, and I was thankful for it, especially given some awkward personal experiences from the last race I attended!

Assaf Natan won this race, thanks in part to his brand new CRF450R. This made for a convenient excuse for second place in the papers the next day, which gave me a good chuckle.

Check the pics though. Almost as entertaining to watch as the main heats were these tiny little kids no more than 6 years old just blasting around the track at full tilt, no fear! The crowd loved it.

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