Sunday, November 9, 2008

99.726% there...

364 days ago Jamie and I were married. Tomorrow is our one-year anniversary! Rather than go away this weekend, we stayed home and painted our new house, knocked some things out, and started to get it ready to move in to. We're pumped. Next weekend we'll be heading away into Kampala to do some business, then go to a resort and do a safari. We're pretty excited about that - elephants never get old, and it's been a year since we saw them last. How many people can say that?

Just wanted to do a very quick update to say that we're still alive. We'll be busy this week working and getting the new place ready. We'll try and get some pictures up soon, but right now I've got to duck inside and get away from all these mosquitoes.

Oh yeah, and this morning I killed a bat.

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Anonymous said...

Happy belated anniversary! Love you guys, Jesse and Shannon