Saturday, October 25, 2008

African Helmets

(this post by a Sean with too much time on a weekend and not enough outlet for sarcasm)

Today we received two brand new motorbikes for the centre. Similar to the volkswagen bug, these things have been in continuous production unchanged since 1978. Ours is Uganda specification, so they're road legal, have luggage racks on the back, and come in white (to better accept the brown of the roads around here I suppose). They're awesome bikes though and incredibly dependable.

More on the bikes later. This post is for the helmets. Bikes in Uganda come with helmets. Which I should have understood as you get a FREE helmet. Or, you get a free helmet. I'm trying to say that free is not necessarily good. That probably didn't come across, but its hard to type a voice laced with sarcasm and loathing.


The free helmet (1 of 2). Looks alright. Decent graphics. Who knows what A.H.T. stands for but you can get creative with that.

Hmm. This must have slipped past the QA.

This too. Possible signs of Elmer's white glue on further inspection.

I couldn't remember what this was from the picture so I picked it up while typing and it just ripped out. Must not be important then.

Time for a stress test....

... two fingers and it passes brilliantly...

... searching for signs of rigidity...

... none found. It is quite possible this is a deflated and hollowed out basketball shell that has been painted to look like a helmet.

Fits perfect too!

Mom - send helmet.

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CapnDad said...

One of the funniest posts I've seen from you. The sarcasm came across just right, by the way. And the post is right up there next to making soup.