Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hamburger soup anyone?

One of our cows, blind, stumbled into our fish pond and spent the better part of a weekend trapped inside, hopelessly churning circles trying to find a way out. So how do you get a cow out of a four foot deep pond? Like everything else in Uganda… labour! And a bare minimum of external equipment.

A piece of rope was quickly sourced, and our cook (Biira – who is a monster of a man) and the newly hired farm hand dove in with 1,000 tilapia and a very distressed bovine. It wasn’t pretty, but with some ear tugging, rump slapping, and Samson-feats of strength on part of all the workers we were eventually able to haul the thing out. And mend the fence a bit better.

30 seconds of rest on the ground for the cow, and then up and charging around blindly for the first shoot of grass it could find. Didn’t even thank us. But at least the fish were happy.

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