Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Monica Arrives!

Monica, Jamie’s good friend from back home, recently made the awesomely spontaneous decision to fly out and visit us here in Uganda. So we’re pumped. This past weekend we drove out to pick  her up. The day ended up being a funny one as we wanted to try and grab some entertainment at the same time so long as we were in the city, but nothing worked out. We tried to see a musical in the theatre (Sound of Music), but it was sold out. We tried to go out for a nice meal, but our order of nachos somehow came back in the form of leafy salad with potatoes, olives, and canned tuna lumped on top. We tried to go swimming after a long hot day in the car, only to have it promptly cloud over and turn freezing cold. So, an interesting day. Then we realized, after waiting at the airport for an hour for Monica, that we had accidentally driven up early and her flight wasn’t until the next day!

No matter, because she’s here now and it’s great to have friends here! We took her from the airport to Mpigi, the place Jamie and I stayed at our first time in Uganda back in 2007, and hung out with the kids. ‘Twas good. Now, back in Kibaale, waiting for tomorrow morning when we’ll leave for a safari in south-western Uganda. Here’s some pics so far.

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