Thursday, April 29, 2010

We love Sylvia!

We can’t say much more than this: we love Sylvia.

Sylvia is another girl that we’re sponsoring. But Sylvia’s case is a bit different than Merones’, as Sylvia doesn’t go to Kibaale School. She’s a part of a very small sponsorship program called “Communities of Hope” with 8 families. Christine, our social worker, expanded the community services programs to include caring for specific families who were having a really rough time with life. Most of the families in this program are child-led families, meaning that there are no parents and the eldest child, sometimes as young as 13, is caring for the entire group of kids at home. Sylvia has both a mom and dad, but that doesn’t mean that her situation at home is easy. Her mother abandoned the family due to abuse from the father, and the father continues to be a huge jerk, not providing food for his own kids and spending most of his days drinking.

Sylvia is a fantastic kid. She’s in P1 right now and eight years old, and just a shining star.

Proud parents that we pretend to be – she ranked second out of 87 students in her class :) She wants to be first next term. Sweet.

Pictured – her at home with her father, brother and sister.

Oh yeah, and Katonda means God. Saw it etched into the walls of her mud house, and thought it was cool.

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