Friday, April 16, 2010

The Beautiful Family

So Jamie’s parents have just picked up a sponsored child. It’s awesome when people we know want to sponsor the kids here – Jamie gets to go out and speak with the kids and help whoever is wanting to sponsor to pick a child, maybe by asking questions or just by hanging out and sending a quick report back on who is available. We also get to visit the home and bring greetings or gifts to the family on behalf of the sponsor.

Kato was an easy pick given how polite he is and how good a little guy he is. Most every day he will head up to the office, walk in and slowly  move from desk to desk saying ‘Good Morning Uncle’ or ‘Good Morning Auntie’ in his best English. He’s a pretty bright kid actually… nine years old and speaking great English.

Kato’s mom works hard to ensure all the kids are educated and housed and clothed. His father worked hard to save money and build themselves a nice home, but then fell sick. Some of the house is still unfinished, and there are no doors or windows anywhere, but overall the property is pretty impressive. This is thanks to the hard work of the family as well as a previous sponsor who had to drop out of sponsorship.

Jamie and I were grinning like fools when we arrived. Kato’s mom is pure energy and kindness and you can tell right away that this family is happy. Not to mention beautiful… each kid has a smile that can melt you. We tried to capture that. Enjoy the pictures.


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