Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sponsor a Child in Uganda! Yes you. . .

These kids deal with tough things early in age. Being abandoned by parents, living in difficult conditions, experiencing the death of loved ones and going to bed with an empty stomach. It’s amazing that they come to school with a smile on their face. There are literally hundreds of students that apply to get into our school and we only accept 50 of the neediest Nursery students, some new Secondary (Grade 8) students, and Vocational students (Catering, Carpentry & Tailoring).

Here of just a couple of the Nursery kids that caught my attention and are needing a sponsor. . .

Namugulura Sylivia(NA)- Sylivia is a little tank (in looks), but she is so sweet and shy. This 4 year old girl is living with her mother, 2 brothers and 1 sister. Her father abandoned the family, married another wife and has 10 children in total from all his wives! The house that Sylivia was living in collapsed and her mother took her and her siblings to live with the grandparents. Her mother is struggling to support herself and her children.

Luboobi Herbert(NB)- Cute cute cute. Herbert is 5 years old and lives with his mother, 2 brothers and 1 sister. The family’s financial situation is not looking so good. The husband abandoned the family 6 months ago, sold some of his property and took off with the money. The mother has no source of income to support her children and she needs sponsorship assistance.

Ssanyu Meroni(NA)- Meroni has a little mischievous side to her and she is always smiling. She is 6 years old and lives with her mother, 4 brothers and six sisters (it’s a huge family!). Her father is an alcoholic (or as everyone says here- a drunkard), and he comes and goes from home. Three months ago he sold a lot of house items and ran away with the money. The mother is left to care for all these kids.

Do you see how cute these kids are? Well, I guess that’s not the only reason to sponsor a child. The benefits of it are endless and here are just a few. . .


·         I’m here so I see you sponsor kid everyday- I can give them hugs, visit their families and give them a high five from you!

·         The money goes towards school fees, uniforms, medical assistance, a healthy meal at school, a good education and the list goes on. . . It has a HUGE impact on the student and family members!


Check out the website if you want to sponsor. . .  http://www.paoutreach.net/sponsor

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