Saturday, January 16, 2010

Revenge of the Babysat

The Dycks, along with Rachel, headed off to Egypt for Christmas. We got back from Mount Elgon shortly after they left and got to spend a few days with the younger kids. Jamie led the charge in a water balloon fight (shortly after that pic - Avin takes one in the chest), we hit the pool, and I got to throw them on the handlebars for a spirited ride to see the nearby lake where we had a bit of an audience. Good times.


Uganda continues to amaze us with its natural beauty. We’ll be trying to do some updates to share that a bit more regularly than in the past… I think that’s a worthy new year’s resolution, and not doomed to failure like, I dunno, trying not to drink coke or anything absurd like that. Also, avoiding malaria is on the list. It’s taken out the entire crew over at the Timothy Centre. Anyway, more frequent updates… well, we’re blogging through email now… it saves a ton of time (and a ton of precious internet), but it might look ugly. Hopefully not. If so, sorry.

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Megan said...

you're right. trying not to drink coke IS absurd. i'm a failure.