Friday, December 11, 2009

Art gives Heart

Art and Kids? Yup, it’s something of an interest to me. Last month we received 2 huge bags of Christmas wrapped packages that included a sketch books, crayons, pencils, an eraser and a sharpener. A grade 10 class in Vancouver took the time to wrap each and every one of these. The project is called PROJECT HEART and they send these packages around the world and encourages kids to be creative and express themselves. So, needless to say- I loved handing these out for Christmas!(

One of our Kindergarten students, Nabwami Ritah, loved the gift! I gave it to her on Monday and on Thursday she came back to the office to show me all of her drawings. (It takes her about 50 minutes to walk from her house to the school). She had drawn pictures on every single page and she was so proud of her creations.


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"I love this gift!" Ritah comes to visit me often- this time her mom and baby brother came too.

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that's her name and that's her book

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I asked her what her favorite drawing is and this is it.

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I like this one- lots and lots of cows with horns.

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