Monday, August 3, 2009

Pump *clap* my water

Lame title. I know.

Dry season has been upon us for awhile. Today we were fortunate to have 20 minutes of drizzle and some chilly weather. It was a nice break from the hot heat and dry dryness of dry season.

We're choking on dust most days. It hasn't rained in eight weeks, other than a tiny speckle here and there. The grass looks burned in some places, the cows wander through our yards at night searching for greens, and our tanks are running dry. All is not lost though (depending on how you look at it) - we're all pumping water now.

From Pahmp you ahhhp

Shortly before this was taken, I say "There's a 50% chance my hand is going to look bent and femmy when you take that." This is the school's borehole. The big metal box on front is an iron removal plant to get rid of the iron in the water.

From Pahmp you ahhhp

Our jerry can.

From Pahmp you ahhhp

... in the shade.

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