Saturday, June 13, 2009

Yummy Matooke

So we definitely eat our fair share of Ugandan food – whether it be for staff lunch, at people’s homes or eating out at the local restaurant. If it has been a while since we sank our teeth into it - we actually crave it. Here are some photos of Matooke – one of the staple foods. Matooke is a plant that looks much like a banana, but has an extremely hard interior that requires it to be boiled for a long time before being edible. It’s served in banana leaves and is it ever filling!

From Matooke

Matooke being peeled. It's very sappy so you have to oil up with Mukwano (translated - "friendship") cooking oil first

From Matooke


From Matooke

And this is peeled matooke

Luganda Language Lesson
Ok, since we've thrown a few Luganda words in our posts recently, here's a very quick language lesson.
a = "ah"
e = "ay" ... or "eh" I guess
i = "ee"
o = "oh"
u = "oo!"

And just to keep you on the right track with the language - Luganda, the main local language where we are, has a funny little rule that will (ok, it might not) blow your mind. Double vowels = stress that syllable. So, where you might be tempted to call it "Ma-too-kee" like it would be pronounced in ye olde english, it's "Mah-TOH-kay." Now you too can get by in Uganda about as proficiently as I can!

Webale kasiima (thanks for appreciating),

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