Friday, June 26, 2009

Drilling update

So the drilling hasn't gone very smoothly so far. At all. In fact, it has been a bit frustrating, but I'm still thankful I get to be a part of it. It's definitely a unique job when I realize that the majority of the work I end up doing in such a large project such as this is sitting in the shade of a tree and praying all day long.

So, here's some issues. Join us.

Water quality - it's not very good yet. This is a potential problem with all new water sources, but not very common. We've had to delay the second half of the installation (installing the handpump) so they can treat the water and fix the turbidity issues. I remember the turbidity warnings we'd get back in BC. Suffice to say, that was nothing:

From Drilling Update


Stupid turbidity.

Also, water quantity - surveys are only so accurate. This one said there would be lots of water, but so far not so much. There's more than enough for any human to be able to pump out, but we were hoping for more. Then again, it's the dry season, so hopefully things get better when the rains come again. In two months.

From Drilling Update

Drilling complete, now doing some pump testing to see how much water is down there

From Drilling Update


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