Thursday, May 14, 2009

Community Services

The community services department is where I get to work (I being me, and me being Sean.) Some pretty cool stuff happens here daily, so I think I'll try and do a small blurb on each area every now and then to keep you all in the know.

One part of the work we do is to help out needy families in the area (you might recall the wheelchair for Annet). Some of these assisted families are child-led homes because of AIDS. Some are dealing with physical issues such as age or disability. Some are just needy and need a helping hand to come along and give them not only a gift or physical item, but also some love and encouragement. That's where the staff in the office here shine.

From Community Services

From Community Services

From Community Services

People are so thankful for whatever we can do.


Rachel said...

What is this lady holding? She looks so cute :)

The Davii said...

That big blue bar is soap for washing clothes with, and she's got a couple bags of salt as well.