Friday, March 27, 2009

The Wheelchair - Follow Up

From The Wheelchair - Follow Up

March has been a month of guests and busyness. I’m so thankful to report that word has spread about Annette and her family and they were able to receive visitors and people who really cared about her and her family and how they were doing. I said that March was a busy month for guests – among these guests were Brianna and Dave. Dave was one of the leaders of the Pacific Academy High School’s outreach team which was visiting from Canada. He is a physiotherapist by profession back home in Canada and was able to work with Annette and her Jaja with some exercises for mobility, strength, and comfort, and was also able to give me some great advice on how to improve Annette’s chair. He even took aside Vicent, one of our Community Services staff, and trained him on how to properly stretch Annette’s limbs to allow her to be more comfortable. This brief training session will go a long way towards her continued well being and improved health as Vicent continues to go back and ensure that the family is using these exercises correctly.

From The Wheelchair - Follow Up

Brianna is also seen here with the family – it’s amazing, but Brianna has come all the way from Canada just to visit and see how things work here in Kibaale. During her stay she was able to help out in many ways and get a better understanding of how things work here in Uganda. A huge thanks to Brianna and Dave and of course all of our other guests this month for their visits and their love and compassion for the people of Kibaale!

From The Wheelchair - Follow Up

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Lesley said...

YEAH Dave for your expertise and YEAH PA team for your love and compassion while at Kibaale. So great to hear news like this.