Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just checking in

Well, we're still alive. Our new house is complete - we've had a wall knocked out, an opening opened, new paint everywhere (which kinda came off a bit in some places, so time for coat # 3), and they've just finished installing TILE throughout! Tile in Africa! It's great. Over the weekend we moved all of our stuff in from the guest house where we were previously staying and it is now all here. It currently looks a lot like you would think a house looks like when it is first moved in to. We're a bit pressed for space right now, but we'll be having some storage made up at the vocational school (woodshop) for us which should help out.

We're just thankful to have our own place and so thankful for everyone back home who has helped make our trip here and the work we're able to do possible. What a privilege!

We'll get some photos up pronto once we can get them off of the camera. And we hope to be doing more frequent updates here as well now that we have internet access right in the house. Previously we were forced to go and sit outside which was sometimes not possible with rain, or mosquitoes, or mango-throwing monkeys around. Should be better now!

Thanks for sticking with us. Only 1 week till christmas!

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The Kool Kats said...

Hey Guys...just wishing you a happy and warm Christmas and hoping all is well. I definitely like Christmas sweaters you have on in your photos :)
Ali K