Thursday, September 11, 2008

... 4 more!

It's getting close! Jamie and I spent all day running around picking up all the little consumables we think we may need for the next few years. There's sure a lot you never think that you need, but you do!

Just a few more days now. Friday is upon us and that means the Adrian family will be arriving in just under a day. A going-away party is in the works, and we're still packing, so this whole weekend is just going to be interesting. We're both pretty excited to be getting on that plane right about now, but also really enjoying the time with family and friends this last week.

Keep us in your prayers :)


Anonymous said...

Have a most wonderful trip over there. We're excited to hear how things start out for you guys.

Ali and Joel

Davis said...

Thanks guys! We'll keep you in the loop :)