Sunday, September 21, 2008

Day 5

The past couple of days have been all about adjusting. We can seriously sleep any time all the time. It is humid-hot and you can see us walking around with sweaty backs - it’s pretty attractive. As far as our fitness level goes – we are out of breath walking uphill for 10min (I like to blame the increase in elevation for this).

The past five days have been great time to settle in. We are getting oriented with our surroundings and meeting people here and there. We had a tour of the property on Friday and saw where we will be putting in our working hours. Our coworkers are all so friendly and we can’t wait to start working on Monday.

As far as home adjustments go, we are living in a guest home for a couple months and then moving over into one side of a duplex. I highly recommend sleeping under a mosquito net to everyone back home – it’s so much fun. And the great thing about falling asleep here is listening to the Ugandan bug night life – those bugs are loud!

Bugs and animals have greeted us (both dead and alive). Day one, a little green snake was hanging out on our couch arm. It was harmless, but it’s a good thing to kill first and ask level of dangerousness second. Day 2 we detected a funny smell and avoided it. Day 3 it was getting worse. Day 4 – it was a dead rat behind the book shelves. The thought of it still makes me ill. Sean and one of the locals named Fortune helped to clean it up, but I’ll spare the details of how this was done. One of those stick looking bugs was walking across the floor yesterday – his name is Sticko and we hope to see him again sometime.

So, tomorrow is our first day in the job and we are looking forward to getting started! and Shh.on

May this snake rest in peace

Resting after a long hike straight uphill

Sticko is trying to escape.

Welcome to our home in the guest house!


Anonymous said...

Great post J.Me. It rained all day here yesterday so we had our pajama day. I listened to music all day, and Janet played on the computer.

We've started training Abby using treats that she loves, and discovered she'll do anything for a chicken flavored ipece of jerky. Training consisted of letting her off the leash in the park for the first time. She loves it, and comes immediately when I have my hand in my pocket looking for the treat.

We miss you guys a lot and will read each day's entries with great anticipation of finding out how the Lord is using you.

Lots of love,

Dad D

CapnDad said...


CapnDad said...

Your mother came to bed last night quite excited that she'd seen your ugly mug Sean.

Things here are moving forward. The fall chill is in the air, and we're already starting to plan the Christmas party at work. Meanwhile, in Uganda...:-)

We're praying for you guys every that God will reveal to you his pleasure with the work you're doing.


Anonymous said...

Wow, your bed is so romantic and all with that beautiful mosquito netting! Love the pics and we are both so glad to see your smiles out there in Uganda. We pray God's blessings upon you today.
Shannon and Jesse